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Paper 1: Variation in adiposity indices, fitness index and Q-angle with types of contact sports
Uduonu, E.M., Ezeukwu, A. O, Ezeakunne, U., Nweke, M.C., Ezugwu, U.A, Nwaka, I. I., Uchenwoke, C. I., Ezema, C.I., Eleje C.U

Paper 2: Efficacy of infrared radiation therapy on chronic low back pain: A case study of National Orthopaedic Hospital, Enugu, South East, Nigeria
Ojeniweh ON, Ezema CI, Okoye GC

Paper 3: Comparative assessment of the economic returns of the growth of Amaranthus hybridus using organic (sugarcane bagasse based) and inorganic fertilizer (NPK)
Inyang, J. O., Njoku-Onu, K. A., Oise, E. A., Augustin, E. U., Odoronam, J. F., Sokare, I. D.

Paper 4: African grapes (Lannea microcarpa) fruits: The nutritional compositions
Muhammad S., Hassan, L.G., Umar, K.J., N.A. Sani

Paper 5: Censored Foster Greer Thorbecke (FGT) indexes in poverty analysis in Nigeria
Osowole, O.I., Ajibola, J., Nwaka, R.N., Balogun, K.O.

Paper 6: Phytochemical constituents and hyperglycemic effect of aqueous and ethanolic extracts of Murraya koenigii in alloxan induced diabetic rats
Oise A.E, Inyang J.O, ABBAS-Adediran H, Echekoba C.A, and Abubakar A.N.

Paper 7: Cash transfer programmes on children’s outcomes: evidence from developing countries
Awojobi, O. N.

Paper 8: Antidiarrhoeal property of the methanol extract of Anacardium occidentale linn stem bark in laboratory Rodents
Omolaso B.O., Oluwole F.S. and Ajayi A.M.


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